Admission Requirements

For admission to Wallace Community College, applicants must provide the following documentation:


  1. One primary form of documentation, such as an unexpired Alabama Driver's License or instruction permit, Unexpired Alabama identification card, Unexpired U.S. Passport, Unexpired U.S. Permanent Resident Card, Resident Alien Card - Pre-1997, Unexpired Driver's License or instruction permit from another state or possession that verifies lawful presence, dated 2000 and beyond, U.S. Alien Registration Receipt Card (Form I-151) prior to 1978, BIA or tribal identification card with photo, I -797 Form with expiration date, Voter identification card from a state that verifies lawful presence


Note: Accelerated High School and Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit students may provide a certified copy of their birth certificate to establish U.S. Citizenship and a printout of the student info profile sheet from your school's computer system (for example: PowerSchool), signed and dated by their high school principal to establish current residency and ID in the absence of an Alabama driver's license or state issued ID card. The profile sheet must show the student's home address and include the student's photo. Applicants must submit the documentation identified above in person, via electronic submission or through United States Mail.

For the protection of the public and to assist in maintaining state and local security, persons who are not citizens of the United States may not be admitted to any Alabama Community College System institution for the purpose of enrolling in flight training, or in any segment or portion of a flight training program, until appropriate certification and approval have been received from the Office of the Attorney General of the United States, pursuant to Section 113 of the Aviation Transportation and Security Act, regulations of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, and all other applicable directives.