Associate in Applied Science Degree

The associate in applied science degree is an undergraduate award designed for students who plan to specialize in business, technical, semi-professional, and supervisory fields that are career-oriented or, in selected fields, to transfer to a senior institution. Although many of the courses in these programs transfer to four-year colleges and universities, their primary intent is to prepare students for immediate employment after successful completion of a two-year program of study.

Requirements / Credit Hours

AREA I: Written Composition / 3 - 6

  • ENG 101 English Composition I / 3 *
  • ENG 102 English Composition II / 3 **

AREA II: Humanities and Fine Arts 3 - 6

  • SPH 106 Fundamentals of Oral Communication OR
    SPH 107 Fundamentals of Public Speaking / 3
  • Choose from ART, HUM, MUS, PHL, REL or THR / 3 

AREA III: Natural Sciences and Mathematics / 6 - 11

  • MTH course as prescribed by program / 3 ****
  • Additional hours may be chosen from BIO, CHM, CIS, MTH, PHS or PHY courses / 3 - 8

Note: Students enrolled as majors in health-related disciplines for which the AAS degree is awarded must take BIO 103 as the prerequisite for BIO 201, 202, and 220 or pass the validated Alabama Community College System Biology Placement Examination.

AREA IV: History, Social and Behavioral Sciences / 3 - 6

  • Choose from degree-applicable ANT, ECO, GEO, HIS, POL, PSY or SOC courses.

General Education Requirements: 15-29

AREA V: Career and Technical Courses and Electives / 31-61

  • ORI 101 Orientation to College OR 
    ORT 100 Orientation for Career Students OR 
    ORT 105 Orientation and Student Success/ 1-3 *****
  • ORI 104 WorkKeys Assessment and Advisement / 1 ******
  • CIS course / ***
  • Courses appropriate to degree requirements, technical specialty requirements, core courses and electives / 37-55

Note: Students planning programs of study for which the AAS does not represent the terminal degree and for which national or regional programmatic licensure and certification are required should integrate general studies transfer courses whenever possible.

Maximum Program Semester Credit Hours: 76


  • ENG 101: Entrance is determined by ACCUPLACER® placement exam scores, ACT scores, SAT scores, high school GPA and 12th grade English scores, or GED subject score. *
  • ENG 102 is currently not required for any Associate in Applied Science Degree. **
  • CIS course: Students who fail to demonstrate adequate competency in computer science by passing a computer competency exam must take CIS 146. ***
  • MTH course:
    • MTH 100 or MTH 110 Entrance is determined by ACCUPLACER® placement exam scores, ACT scores, SAT scores, high school GPA and grade made in Algebra II or higher, or GED subject score.
    • MTH 112 Entrance is determined by ACCUPLACER® placement exam scores, ACT scores, SAT scores, or high school GPA and grade made in Algebra II or higher.
    • MTH 113 or higher Entrance is determined by ACT scores, or SAT scores and the highest math course completed in high school.

  • ORI 101, ORI 105, or ORT 100 or transfer credit for an orientation to college course is required for all students. *****
  • ORI 104 is only required for Criminal Justice Law Enforcement and Forensic Investigation AAS degrees at this time.******


Students may earn an associate in applied science degree in the following programs:

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

Automotive Technology

Business Technologies

  • Accounting Technology Concentration 
  • Business Management & Supervision Concentration 
  • Entrepreneurship Concentration
  • Office Administration Concentration 

Child Development

Computer Information Science

  • Cyber Defense Concentration
  • Google IT Support Professional Concentration
  • Mobile App Development Concentration
  • Software Development Concentration

Criminal Justice

  • Forensic Investigation Concentration 
  • Law Enforcement Concentration 

Electrical Technology

Engineering Graphics

Industrial Systems Technology

Emergency Medical Services

Medical Assisting

Nursing, Associate Degree

Physical Therapist Assistant

Radiologic Technology

Respiratory Therapist

Surgical Technology