Attendance Policy

All students are expected to attend all scheduled class meetings and laboratory sessions for their courses. Students should recognize the academic responsibilities inherent in their college career, especially those of timely arrival and attendance of all classes. The grades of students who miss scheduled exams, unscheduled quizzes, and deadlines for turning in assigned projects or scheduled group projects may be negatively affected by their absence.

Class attendance policies are in effect from the first scheduled class meeting. Faculty members will ensure that their attendance policies are in course syllabi provided to their students. Also in those course syllabi, or in additional handouts, faculty members will clearly state to students the penalties for absences.

Because of unique circumstances (timing, equipment availability, or faculty schedules) not all missed examinations, quizzes, laboratory work, or projects can be made up. Individual faculty members will make decisions regarding excused absences.

Examples of excused absences include serious illness, a death in the student’s immediate family, military obligations, or official College business.

Attendance policies applicable to a specific instructional program may be more restrictive than the College policy. These policies may be influenced by external agencies that oversee curricula in those programs and provide certification, licensure, or registry opportunities for students and graduates.

Students who do not want to continue attending classes are urged to initiate the withdrawal process. It is the student’s responsibility to withdraw from individual courses or from the College.  In addition, students will be responsible for repaying any portion of unearned financial aid that results from their withdrawals.

Students who cease to attend classes but do not initiate the withdrawal process will also be negatively affected by their actions. These students will be considered to have unofficially withdrawn from their courses and will receive failing grades for all assignments missed. If these students have not completed the withdrawal process by the established withdrawal deadline, they will receive a failing grade for the courses. Faculty members will assign a grade of F to such students when they submit final course grades. These students also will be responsible for repayment of any unearned financial aid as a result of their failure to attend. Students who receive a grade of F as a result of instructor error will have the opportunity to petition the instructor’s decision. Otherwise, the grade of F is final.

Students with legitimate concerns may appeal the actions of faculty members by following the procedures outlined under Student Academic Grievances of the Student Handbook section of this catalog.