Certification of Veterans

The following criteria are used for certifying veterans or eligible dependents for federal Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits:


  1. Certification is granted only for courses that are applicable to the declared program of study. Any deviation must be approved in writing.
  2. Certification is granted only for hours required to complete the selected program of study, as published in students’ applicable course catalog. Please note: students’ course catalog is approved by the VA for VA training and certification.
  3. Certification is not granted for audit or continuing education courses.
  4. Remedial classes, based on placement test scores, can be certified to VA; however, online and hybrid remedial classes cannot be certified to VA.
  5. Veterans and dependents must be recertified for education benefits each year at the beginning of each semester and when they reenter college after an interruption of their educational program.
  6. Veterans who have received college credit at other institutions are certified only for courses necessary to complete the declared program of study at Wallace Community College. Veterans are required to have an official grade transcript in the Admissions and Records Office if they have attended any other college. It is the veteran’s responsibility to notify the Wallace Community College Veterans Affairs Office when the transcript has been received in the Admissions and Records Office. Enrollment is certified to the VA for only two semesters until prior transcripts are received and evaluated by the Admissions and Records Office staff at Wallace Community College.
  7. Benefits are paid on the credit hours listed below.


    Full time = 12 or more semester hours
    Three-quarter time = 9-11 semester hours
    Half time = 6-8 semester hours
    Part time = 5 or fewer semester hours


Under certain circumstances, veterans and dependents can be paid at an accelerated rate for a lesser number of credit hours. This typically occurs during mini-terms and summer terms.

A veteran may, under certain circumstances, be awarded credit in Physical Education (PED) for prior military service. A copy of the veteran’s DD Form 214 with honorable discharge must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office for credit to be granted. Credit for military learning experiences may also be granted. Veterans should refer to the General Policies section of this catalog for the official policy.

Eligibility is determined by the Department of Veterans Affairs.