College Police

The mission of Wallace Community College’s College Police Department is to provide a safe environment for all students, faculty and staff members, and visitors by detecting and deterring crime, alleviating the fear of crime on campus, securing and protecting College property, and providing a variety of proactive programs and information on crime prevention and safety. The mission is accomplished through officer visibility on campus, training for employees, and a commitment to professional and courteous service. The College Police Department is responsible for providing direct and general security services to the campus population. These services include, but are not limited to, protecting life and property; maintaining a safe environment for students, the faculty and staff, and visitors; reducing opportunities for the commission of crime; responding to emergencies; and identifying offenders and criminal activity. In addition, the College Police Department has primary responsibility for providing continuous patrol coverage and traffic operations on College property.

No amount of police, lighting, or electronic security measures can ensure your safety. The ultimate responsibility for your safety rests with you. Use common sense and precautions for your safety on and off campus. Report incidents and cooperate with investigators when an issue of safety is involved. This will increase campus safety and your experience as a member of the Wallace Community College community.


Wallace Alert is a free notification system available to faculty and staff members and students. This system provides text and voice notifications of emergency issues at Wallace Community College (tornado, etc.). For specific information concerning the Wallace Alert System, Campus Security & Crime Report, Campus Safety Tips, and other campus security and security issues, go to the Wallace Web site at