Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit Students

Students are eligible for admission as dual enrollment/dual credit students if they desire to take courses for high school and college credit, if their school system has a signed Dual Enrollment agreement with Wallace Community College to participate in this program, and if they meet the following criteria:


  1. Complete a Dual Enrollment Application Packet online including an Application for Dual Enrollment High School Students and a Statement of Eligibility for Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit High School Students.
  2. The Statement of Eligibility for Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit form must be signed by the student's high school principal or designee and counselor and is verification of the student holding the required cumulative grade point average. The required cumulative grade point average is a 2.5. 
  3. Be in grades 10, 11, or 12 or have an exception granted by the Chancellor on recommendation of the high school principal and superintendent of education in accordance with Alabama Administrative Code 290-8-9.12 regarding gifted and talents students.
  4. Take a state approved placement test unless students meet placement minimums with ACT scores.
  5. Meet the admissions criteria of Wallace Community College including submission of state-issued photo ID and high school transcript.
  6. Students who meet the criteria for initial admission for a Dual Enrollment for Dual Credit program will maintain continuous eligibility so long as they earn a grade of C or better in all attempted college courses. Students who fail to meet this minimum grade requirement or who withdraw from a course will be suspended from the program for a minimum of one term. The one-term suspension may not be served during the summer. The student may not re-enroll until the suspension has been served. For re-entry, the student must reapply to the program and must meet the minimum grade point average requirement.


Students may enroll in academic transfer, career-technical or health education courses in accordance with guidelines of the Alabama Community College System.

Three semester credit hours at Wallace Community College are equal to one credit at the high school level in the same or related subject with the exception of English Composition. Both ENG101 and ENG102 may be necessary for successful completion of full high school English credit in accordance to the local education agency (LEA).

Dual Enrollment credit is transcripted conditionally until the student completes high school graduation requirements. Students must submit an official high school transcript upon graduation to finalize the awarding of college credit for dual enrollment courses.