General Complaint and Grievance Procedures

Procedures outlined in this section do not apply to the following areas: Academic Grievances, Sexual Misconduct, Civil Rights, Americans with Disabilities Act, Title IX, Motor Vehicle Violations, Educational Records, and Financial Aid. Complaints and/or grievances regarding these issues have been addressed in other sections of this Catalog and Student Handbook.

Wallace Community College promotes the open exchange of ideas among all members of the College community, including students, faculty and staff members, and administrators; however, the College recognizes that, at times, people may have differences that they are unable or unwilling to resolve without intervention. The procedures described below shall be available to any Wallace Community College student who feels that he or she has not been treated fairly or that College policies have been applied to them inappropriately. The steps outlined are designed as means of resolving complaints at the lowest level possible or in accessing subsequent steps in the grievance procedure.