General Education Courses and Outcomes

The faculty and staff of Wallace Community College are committed to enhancing student development through a variety of learning experiences while attending the College. This commitment includes maintaining the highest form of instruction that promotes success after graduation as students transfer to a four-year university or enter the workplace. The general education courses of the College provide the knowledge, skills, and values essential to all academic disciplines. These courses expose students to commonly recognized areas of knowledge, introduce students to diverse subject areas, and equip students with skills essential and necessary for careers and lifelong learning.

All Wallace Community College graduates will demonstrate the following competencies:

Critical Thinking. The ability to analyze problems by differentiating fact from opinions, using evidence from diverse sources effectively, and using sound reasoning to specify multiple solutions and their consequences.

Effective Communication. The ability to effectively convey thought in a clear, well-organized manner to persuade, inform, and exchange ideas in academic, work, and community settings.

Quantitative Literacy (Reasoning) or Numeracy. The ability to identify, analyze, and solve problems that are quantitative in nature.

Scientific and Technological Effectiveness. The ability to use processes, procedures, data, or evidence to solve problems and make effective decisions, using the appropriate technology effectively for informational, academic, personal, and professional needs.