The following letter grades are assigned to courses for which students are registered:

Quality Grade Definition Points
A (90-100) Excellent 4
B (80-89) Good 3
C (70-79) Average 2
D (60-69) Poor1 1
F (below 60) Failure 0
S Satisfactory2 0
U Unsatisfactory2 0
I Incomplete 0
IP In Progress2 0
W Official Withdrawal4 0
WF Withdrawal, Failing3 0
AU Audit4 0

1 Although the grade of D is normally considered passing, Wallace Community College may require a higher grade in selected programs.

2 Developmental and Corporate and Continuing Education courses only. (These courses are not calculated in the grade point average.)

3 Credit course is averaged into the grade point average.

4 Credit course is not averaged into the grade point average.

Developmental Courses. Courses numbered 0-99 carry institutional credit and are not applicable toward degree or certificate requirements.

Incompletes. An incomplete grade in a course (grade of I) indicates that students have not completed all assigned coursework or have not taken all class examinations. Students who receive a grade of I must complete the required work for removing incomplete grades no later than mid-term of the following term. Exceptions must be approved by the Dean, Instructional Affairs. Failure to clear an incomplete grade results in an assignment of a grade of F for the course. A grade of I cannot be removed by repeating the course because it must be counted against the hours attempted in the original term.

Withdrawals. If students desire to discontinue attendance after the drop and add period, they must withdraw during the designated withdrawal period, which begins the third day of class and ends one week prior to the beginning of final exams. No withdrawals will be processed after this date. A grade of W will be assigned.

Auditing. Students who desire to enroll in a course as auditors must meet the same admission requirements as regular students and complete course prerequisites. Auditors receive grades of AU for the course and are not required to take examinations. Credit hours are not averaged into the grade point average. Students may change from credit to audit or from audit to credit only during the drop and add period and may not change thereafter. Auditors must follow regular registration procedures and must pay tuition in accordance with regular tuition schedules. Classes taken for audit do not count toward credit hours earned.

Continuing Education Units. The Corporate and Continuing Education Department at Wallace Community College awards continuing education units (CEUs) to participants who satisfactorily complete quality, non-credit courses. One CEU is awarded for each 10 contact hours of active participation in such organized learning experiences. Minimum attendance and performance requirements for courses may vary depending on length and nature of the learning experience.