Notice of Allegations

The Title IX Coordinator will provide simultaneous written notice of allegations, including sufficient details, and intent to investigate to the Complainant and Respondent no later than ten (10) calendar days after receipt of the formal complaint. The Title IX Coordinator will also provide both parties with the formal complaint, grievance and appeal process, possible sanctions and remedies, and availability of advisors. The written notice shall include a statement that the respondent is presumed not responsible for the alleged conduct, that the parties and their advisors may review and inspect evidence, and advise the parties of the provisions of the College Code of Conduct relating to making false statements or submitting false information during the grievance process.

The Title IX Coordinator will additionally notify the Title IX investigator of the pending investigation and provide a copy of the formal complaint.


In addition to providing the Complainant and Respondent with written notice of allegations and intent to investigate, the Title IX Coordinator will inform the parties of the availability of advisors. Both parties shall have the right to retain, at the respective party's own cost, the assistance of legal counsel or other personal representative advisor. In the alternative, either or both parties may also request an advisor provided by the College. 

  • Only an advisor may conduct cross-examination during the live hearing.
  • Neither party may dismiss a College appointed advisor.