NUR 102: Fundamentals of Nursing

Credits 6 Lecture Hours 3 Lab Hours 6
Clinical Credits

This course provides opportunities to develop competencies necessary to meet the needs of individuals throughout the lifespan in a safe, legal, and ethical manner using the nursing process. Students learn concepts and theories basic to the art and science of nursing. The role of the nurse as a member of the healthcare team is emphasized. Students are introduced to the concepts of client needs, safety, communication, teaching/learning, critical thinking, ethical-legal, cultural diversity, nursing history, and the program’s philosophy of nursing. Additionally, this course introduces psychomotor nursing skills needed to assist individuals in meeting basic human needs. Skills necessary for maintaining microbial, physical, and psychological safety are introduced along with skills needed in therapeutic interventions. At the conclusion of this course students demonstrate competency in performing basic nursing skills for individuals with common health alterations.


Nursing program admission.