Process of Appeal for Readmission

If students who declare no contest to the facts leading to suspension simply desire to request consideration for readmission, they may submit a request in writing or complete the online form on the Admissions webpage for an appeal for readmission to the chairperson of the Admissions and Academic Standards Committee prior to the first day of the upcoming term following receipt of the notice of suspension. During the meeting of the Admissions and Academic Standards Committee, which will not be considered a due process hearing but rather a petition for readmission, students are given an opportunity to present a rationale and/or statement of mitigating circumstances in support of immediate readmission. The decision of the Admissions and Academic Standards Committee and materials presented by students are placed in official College records. In addition, a copy of the written decision is provided to the student. Equity, reasonableness, and consistency are the standards by which such decisions are measured.