Role of the Admissions and Academic Standards Committee

The role of the Admissions and Academic Standards Committee shall be to hear academic grievances, to hear academic appeals for students who have been suspended from the College for academic reasons, and to provide input on College policies.

The chairperson shall be the administrative officer of the committee. The chairperson’s duties shall include arranging appropriate times and places for committee meetings and hearings; informing committee members of the times and places of committee meetings and hearings; informing, in writing, all interested parties of the times and places of committee hearings that they are requested to attend and supplying them with a statement of alleged grievances; informing all other interested parties that a grievance is pending; securing and distributing to the committee written material appropriate for its consideration; arranging for recording of committee proceedings; maintaining committee records that are to be kept in a permanent file in the Office of the Dean, Student Affairs and Sparks Campus; and informing, in writing, appropriate individuals of the decisions of the committee.

Members of the committee may at any time disqualify themselves from consideration of any given case(s) because of personal bias. A simple majority of members present may rule on any request or issue before the committee.

Either party to the hearing may request of the chairperson, in writing, that any member or members of the committee be excluded from consideration of the case. Such a request must be for just cause and be brought to the chairperson’s attention as the first step in the hearing.


Committee members shall arrive at a judgment in consultation among themselves after the parties have been dismissed. Only members of the committee who have been present during all of the meetings and who have heard all testimony relating to the alleged grievance may vote on the case. A majority vote of such qualified members shall constitute a judgment. A decision of the committee relating to redress of grievances is final insofar as the committee is concerned.

The committee has been delegated by the President the authority to change or direct changes in student grades, faculty conduct, or other disputed areas. A course of action deemed appropriate by the committee shall be carried out unless the student or faculty member chooses to appeal the committee’s decision to the President of the College or designee. The appeal must be made in writing to the President or designee no later than 7 calendar days after the date of the committee’s decision and must be resolved within a maximum of 30 calendar days.