Small Engine Repair

(Ventress Correctional Facility)

This short certificate program is designed to teach students to repair small gasoline engines. Students receive instruction in the principles of four-stroke cycle and two-stroke cycle engines. Other areas of emphasis are troubleshooting and repair procedures on valves; power producing components; fuel systems; ignition systems; and exhaust, lubrication, and cooling systems.

After completing this program, students will be able to diagnose small engine problems and make repairs to chain saws, lawnmowers, and other similar equipment. Students completing all courses listed in the curriculum will be awarded a certificate. Admission is conditional and depends on the student’s ability to perform the essential functions identified for this program. A high school diploma or GED® is not required; however, students are required to demonstrate college and career readiness. (See Admission to Courses Not Creditable Toward an Associate Degree in the Admissions Policies and Procedures section of this catalog.) Reasonable accommodations are considered.