Student ID Policy

The College requires ALL students to possess a photo student identification (ID) to aid in the security of the campuses.  Students can obtain a digital or standard ID as the official means of identification at Wallace Community College; however, students attending courses that physically meet on any of the College campuses must obtain a standard photo ID each academic year.

Students are required to have IDs in their possessions while on campus. Individuals without proper identification will be asked what business they have on campus. If the answer is satisfactory (i.e., potential applicant filing for admission or financial aid, visitors on campus tour), individuals will be allowed to continue with their business and immediately leave campus upon completing that business. If individuals claim to be students, the College officials will ask for their student ID. If none can be provided, the individuals will be asked to leave the campus until they can return with a valid Wallace Community College student ID. The College Police will escort individuals off campus if they fail to produce the proper ID. 

Students are required to obtain either a digital ID or ID card by the second week of class for attendance verification, as faculty members will not allow a student to attend class without a proper ID.

Students who obtain digital IDs will be required to answer authentication questions before digital IDs are issued. Students who obtain a standard, printed ID card will be required to present proper government-issued photo identification before an ID card is issued. For student ID pictures, Wallace Community College requires individuals to remove any items not worn as part of their daily appearance (i.e., prescription eyeglasses). The only exceptions are items worn for cultural or religious purposes. All bandannas, hats, sunglasses, visors, etc., should be removed before taking your ID picture.