Student Publications

The College has maintained a commitment to student publications for many years and values the learning experiences available to students who desire to participate in producing student publications. Any publication containing opinions and editorial content must be the responsibility of the student organization publishing it.

The College has a responsibility to ensure that participating students are adequately informed concerning issues related to responsible journalism. The advisors of student organizations oversee the production of any student publications, offer guidance to student participants, and ensure their awareness and understanding of the rights and responsibilities of a free press.

The College supports a free student press and expects students participating in the production of student publications to uphold the highest standards of journalistic responsibility and integrity, but it reserves the right to reject and/or edit material submitted for inclusion in any publication, including, but not limited to, newsletters, flyers, and brochures. Any student publications containing announcements intended to provide timely information about College and community events must also be reviewed by the advisor of the respective organization to ensure that the contents of the publication are accurate and meet the intended purpose.