Student Rights and Responsibilities

Wallace Community College desires to make provisions for students to be as knowledgeable as possible regarding College policies and procedures and their rights and responsibilities relating to them. The information in this section and the sections that follow are designed to clarify information pertaining to rights granted to students and responsibilities students should fulfill as members of the Wallace Community College family.

Submission of an Application for Admission to Wallace Community College represents a voluntary decision on the part of the prospective student to participate in the programs offered by the College and pursuant to the policies and procedures of the College, the Alabama Community College System, and state and federal agencies where applicable. College approval of a student’s application, in turn, represents the extension of a privilege to join the College community and to remain a part of it as long as he or she meets the required academic and behavioral standards.

Each individual student is guaranteed the privilege of exercising his or her rights without fear or prejudice. Such rights include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Students are free to pursue their educational goals.
  • No disciplinary sanctions may be imposed on a student without the recourse of due process, except as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Free inquiry, expression, and assembly are guaranteed to all students, provided their actions do not interfere with the rights of others or the effective operation of the College.
  • Academic evaluation of student performance will be neither arbitrary nor capricious.
  • Students and prospective students have the right to review certain relevant information concerning College graduation and completion rates and any instances of campus criminal activity.

Within the limits of its facilities on both campuses and sites, Wallace Community College will be open to all persons without regard to sex, race, creed, religion, age, marital status, disability, or national origin. It is the responsibility of the College to publish its educational objectives and to make available the criteria it will use in evaluating student success in all programs. It is the responsibility of the student to acquaint him- or herself with these objectives and criteria as published and set forth by the College. The facilities and services of the College will be available to all enrolled students, provided they are used in a manner that is appropriate to an academic environment and with regard to College policies and operating procedures.

The Student Code of Conduct of Wallace Community College addresses behavior and actions that have an adverse impact on the achievement of educational goals. It is the responsibility of the student to become familiar with the regulations governing student conduct and to adhere to policies where applicable. Lack of knowledge regarding College policies will not excuse any student from adherence to policies or sanctions that may be imposed for violations. The College reserves the right to dismiss any student whose conduct and behavior pose a threat to the College environment or the health, safety, or security of others.