The Professional Staff

Adkinson, Patrick, Director, ITS—AAS, Wallace Community College; BS, MS, Troy State University; MS, The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Anderson, Andrea, COVID-19 Prevention and Response Coordinator—BS, Troy University

Barnes-Blackmon, Shaletha, Student Success Coordinator/Title IX Coordinator—AA, AS, AAS, Wallace Community College; BS, Troy University; MBA, Faulkner University

Boney, Jewania, Coordinator of Services—BS, Valdosta State University; MS, Troy University

Brooks, Tracy, Director, Institutional Advancement—BS, MBA, Troy State University; EdD, Auburn University

Brown, Seth, Chief of College Police—Certificate, Southwest Alabama Police Academy; BS, MS, Troy University

Buntin, Kathy, Associate Dean Health Sciences—BSN, Troy State University; MSN, Medical College of Georgia

Burnett, Nathan, System Network Administrator—AS, Wallace Community College

Clemons, Gregory; Director, Maintenance—BS, Jacksonville State University

Clenney, Karen, Health Sciences Faculty Support/Simulation Center Coordinator —BA, Judson College; MS, Troy University

Compton, Martha, Associate Dean Career and Technical—BS, MS, Troy State University; EdS, Florida State University

Craig, Laricia, Retention Lab Coordinator—AA, AS, Enterprise State Junior College; BS, MS, Troy State University

Fergus, Matthew, System/Network Administrator—AAS, Wallace Community College, BS, Troy University

Forehand, Kecia, Workforce Development Coordinator—AAS, Enterprise State Junior College; BS, Athens State University; ME, Athens State University

Howard, Buffae, Recruiter(Adults)—MED, The University of West Alabama

Ihle, Ryan, Baseball Coach—AA, BS, MA Columbus State University

Johnson, Joe, Director, Workforce Development –Certificate, Wallace Community College, BA, M.Ed., Athens State University

Johnson-Walker, Heather, Director of Accounting and Finance— BS, The University of Alabama; MBA, Jacksonville State University; PhD, Northcentral University

Jones, Brittany, Counselor, Upward Bound—BA, Wesleyan College; MS, Troy University

Jouvenas, Anthony, Director, Financial Aid—AS, Wallace Community College; BS, MBA, Troy University, PhD, University of Memphis

Locke, Demetriss, Director, Student Support Services and Upward Bound—BS, Auburn University at Montgomery; MS, DeVry University; PhD, Auburn University

Lyman, Jertavia, Coordinator of Services, Student Support Services—BS, Alabama A&M University; MS, California University of Pennsylvania

Matheny, Jennifer, Dual Enrollment Coordinator—AA, Wallace Community College; BS, MS, Troy University

Mays, Kristina, Upward Bound Coordinator—BA, Troy University; MS, Auburn University

McCarthy, Ashleigh, Assistant Director, Admissions —AS, Wallace Community College; BS, Troy University; MS, Faulkner University

McDaniel-Sasser, Jessica Robin, Assistant Director, Financial Aid Assistant—BSBA, Auburn University

McInnis, Michelle, Academic Coach—BS, Auburn University; MS, Troy University

Osmond, Kelly, Student Success Coordinator—AAS, Wallace Community College; BS, MS, Troy University

Pierce, Catherine, Director, Talent Search—AAT, Wallace Community College; BS, Troy University; MBA, Troy University

Pinyan, Phillip, Writing Center Coordinator—AS, Wallace Community College; BS, Troy University

Reed, Daymesha, Student Life Coordinator—BS, MS, Troy University

Rice, Laney, Recruiter—AAS, Wallace Community College; BS, Troy State University

Ricks, Terri, Coordinator Student Services—BA, Tuskegee University; MS, Troy University

Russo, David, Softball Coach—AS, Wallace Community College; BS, Mississippi College; MS, Eastern Kentucky University

Saulsberry, Keith, Director of Enrollment Services/Registrar—BS, MS, Troy State University

Sessions, Mandy, Director, Institutional Effectiveness—AAS, Alabama Southern Community College; BS, Amridge University; MA, Faulkner University

Sheppard, Keyashia, Testing Office, Professional Development Coordinator—BS, MS, Troy University

Spry, Ryan, Director, Student and Campus Services—BS, MPA, Troy University; EdD, The University of Alabama

Steger, Barbara, Director, Adult Education—BS, MS, MS, EdS, Troy University

Strickland, Brooke, Director of Human Resources—BS, Troy University; MS, Faulkner University

Ware, Casandra, Testing Coordinator—AAS, Enterprise State Community College; BS, MS, Auburn University at Montgomery

Watson, Ryan, System Network Administrator—BS, Troy University

West, Zack, Theatre Technical Director—BFA, University of South Alabama

Wheeler, Taylor, Director, Public Relations and Marketing—BS, Troy University

Wiggins, Mary, Recruiter—AA, Wallace Community College; BS, Troy State University

Wilhoit, Daniel, Multimedia Specialist/College Videographer-BS, Troy University

Wise, Amanda, Director, Advising Counseling—BS, The University of Alabama at Birmingham; MS, Troy State University