The Professional Staff

Adkinson, Patrick, Director, ITS—AAS, Wallace Community College; BS, MS, Troy State University; MS, The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Anderson, Andrea, COVID-19 Prevention and Response Coordinator—BS, Troy University

Brooks, Tracy, Director, Institutional Advancement—BS, MBA, Troy State University; EdD, Auburn University

Brown, Seth, Chief of College Police—Certificate, Southwest Alabama Police Academy; BS, MS, Troy University

Buntin, Kathy, Associate Dean Health Sciences—BSN, Troy State University; MSN, Medical College of Georgia

Burnett, Nathan, System Network Administrator—AS, Wallace Community College

Clemons, Gregory; Director, Maintenance—BS, Jacksonville State University

Clenney, Karen, Health Sciences Faculty Support/Simulation Center Coordinator —BA, Judson College; MS, Troy University

Compton, Martha, Associate Dean Career and Technical—BS, Troy State University, MS, Troy State University

Craig, Laricia, Retention Lab Coordinator—AA, AS, Enterprise State Junior College; BS, MS, Troy State University

Forehand, Kecia, Workforce Development Coordinator—AAS, Enterprise State Junior College; BS, Athens State University

Gunn, Hope, Testing Coordinator/Academic Advisor—BA, Troy State University

Howard, Buffae, Recruiter(Adults)—MED, The University of West Alabama

Johnson, Joe, Director, Workforce Development –Certificate, Wallace Community College, BA, M.Ed., Athens State University

Johnson-Walker, Heather, Director of Accounting and Finance— BS, The University of Alabama; MBA, Jacksonville State University; PhD, Northcentral University

Jones, Brittany, Counselor, Upward Bound—BA, Wesleyan College; MS, Troy University

Jouvenas, Anthony, Director, Financial Aid—AS, Wallace Community College; BS, MBA, Troy University, PhD, University of Memphis

Locke, Demetriss, Director, Student Support Services and Upward Bound—BS, Auburn University at Montgomery; MS, DeVry University; PhD, Auburn University

Lyman, Jertavia, Coordinator of Services, Student Support Services—BS, Alabama A&M University; MS, California University of Pennsylvania

Matheny, Jennifer, Dual Enrollment Coordinator—AA, Wallace Community College; BS, MS, Troy University

Mays, Kristina, Upward Bound Coordinator—BA, Troy University; MS, Auburn University

McDaniel-Sasser, Jessica Robin, Assistant Director, Financial Aid Assistant—BSBA, Auburn University

McInnis, Michelle, Academic Coach—BS, Auburn University; MS, Troy University

Osmond, Kelly, Student Success Coordinator—AAS, Wallace Community College; BS, MS, Troy University

Owolabi, Tameka, Director, Talent Search—BS, MS, Troy State University

Pinyan, Phillip, Writing Center Coordinator—AS, Wallace Community College; BS, Troy University

Reed, Daymesha, Student Life Coordinator—BS, MS, Troy University

Ricks, Terri, Coordinator Student Services—BA, Tuskegee University; MS, Troy University

Russo, David, Softball Coach—AS, Wallace Community College; BS, Mississippi College; MS, Eastern Kentucky University

Sasser, Mackey, Athletic Director

Saulsberry, Keith, Director of Enrollment Services/Registrar—BS, MS, Troy State University

Sessions, Mandy, Director, Institutional Effectiveness—AAS, Alabama Southern Community College; BS, Amridge University; MA, Faulkner University

Sheppard, Keyashia, Testing Office, Professional Development Coordinator—BS, MS, Troy University

Spry, Ryan, Director, Student and Campus Services—BS, MPA, Troy University; EdD, The University of Alabama

Stanford-Bowers, Denise, Associate Dean, General Academics—BA, Alabama State University; MS, Troy State University; PhD, Capella University

Steger, Barbara, Director, Adult Education—BS, MS, MS, EdS, Troy University

Strickland, Brooke, Director of Human Resources—BS, Troy University; MS, Faulkner University

Thomas, Rachel, QEP Director/Student Success Coordinator—AA, Chipola College; BS, Florida State University; MS, Troy University

Watson, Ryan, System Network Administrator—BS, Troy University

Wheeler, Taylor, Director, Public Relations and Marketing—BS, Troy University

Wiggins, Mary, Recruiter—AA, Wallace Community College; BS, Troy State University

Wilhoit, Daniel, Multimedia Specialist/College Videographer-BS, Troy University

Wise, Amanda, Student Success Coordinator—BS, The University of Alabama at Birmingham; MS, Troy State University