The Support Staff

Anderson, Heather, Records Assistant—AAS, Wallace Community College

Anderson, Joley, Administrative Secretary, Dean Business Affairs—AS, Wallace Community College, BS, Troy University

Ashmore, Amy, Accountant—AAS, Wallace Community College

Ates, Jacquelyn, Student Success Advisor— BS, Texas Tech University

Barnes-Blackmon, Shaletha, Student Success Advisor—AA, AS, AAS, Wallace Community College; BS, Troy University; MBA, Faulkner University

Blackmon, Michelle, Secretary, Associate Degree Nursing—AA, Chipola Junior College

Boney, Jewania, Academic Advisor—BS, Valdosta State University; MS, Troy University

Bourgeois, Elizabeth, Secretary, Associate Dean, Academics, Associate Dean, Career Technical, and Dual Enrollment—AS, South University, AS, Wallace Community College; BS, Athens State University

Bowman, Pamela, Administrative Assistant to the President—AS, Wallace Community College

Brannon, Angila, Public Relations and Marketing Clerk

Brehm, Jeannine, Administrative Secretary, Dean Instructional Affairs—AA, Wallace Community College; BS, Troy State University

Bruner, Lucy, Payroll Coordinator— AAS, Wallace Community College

Byrd, April, Data Entry Clerk—BS, Auburn University

Childs, Susan, Property Manager/Fixed Assets— AAS, Wallace Community College; Diploma, Sparks State Technical College

Clarke, Amanda, Instructional Coordinator, Adult Education—AA, Leeward Community College, BA, University of Hawaii-West Oahu, MBA, Walden University

Cole, Melissa, Secretary, Workforce Development—AA, Enterprise State Junior College; BS, Troy State University

Collins, Willie, Transportation Mechanic—AAS, Wallace Community College

Crews, Regina, Secretary, Adult Education/Non-Credit Training—Certificate, Phoenix Adult Ed Systems

Davis, Brooke, Secretary, Student Support Services (Sparks)—Certificate, Wallace Community College; AAS, Andrew College; BS, Georgia Southwestern State University

Davis-Kimbrough, Andrea, Senior Accountant—BS, California State University Fresno; MA, National University

Dials, Raven, Student Success Advisor—BS, The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Dunlap, Amber, Workkeys Program Specialist—AAS, Olympic College; BS, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, MS, Western Governors University

Ellis, Nicholas, Information Technology Technician—BS, Troy University

Evans, Andrea, Site Coordinator, Adult Education—BA, MS, Southeastern University

Flemming, Tony, Welding Lab Assistant, Sparks Campus—Diploma in Welding, Wallace Community College; AS, Piedmont College of Theology

Floyd, Neosha, Financial Aid Assistant—AAS, Eastern Gateway Community College

Fodge, Carrie, Human Resources Coordinator—AAS, Three River College, BA, Columbia College

Gainey, Donald, Mechanical Maintenance Technician

Gay, Rhonda, Communications Operator—AAS, Wallace Community College

Gilley, Robert, Welding Lab Assistant

Grant, Jennifer, Library Assistant (Sparks Campus)—AAT, Wallace Community College

Griffin, Terri, Accounting Assistant—BS, Troy State University

Guilford, Michael, Custodian II (Sparks Campus)

Hall, Reba, Bookstore Clerk—AAS, Wallace Community College

Hawkins, Dorothy, Secretary, Talent Search Program/Student Affairs—Diploma, Atlanta College of Business

Hawkins, Marrietta, Custodian II (Sparks Campus)

Hickerson, Christina, Secretary, Upward Bound—AS, Wallace Community College

Hicks, Kaitlyn, Secretary, Helpdesk Receptionist—AS, Wallace Community College

Hill, Peggy, Financial Aid Assistant—AAS, Gadsden State Community College; BS, Troy State University

Hindman, Christina, Professional Tutor, Writing Center—BA, Troy University

Hollowell, Mary, Financial Aid Assistant—AA, Enterprise State Community College; BS, Troy University

James, Jeremy, Bookstore Manager (Wallace Campus)—AS, Wallace Community College

Knight, Jerica, Career Resource Coordinator—BS, MS, Troy University

Linder, Jana, Accounting Scholarship Manager—BS, Auburn University

Long, Karen, Cosmetology Lab Assistant—Cosmetology Certificate, Wallace Community College

Lunsford, John Timothy, Maintenance Worker I (Sparks Campus)

Lynn, Angela, Admissions/Records Assistant (Wallace Campus)— AAS, Wallace Community College; BS, Athens State University

Martin, Donald, Maintenance Worker II

Mason, Melissa, Community Development/Institutional Advancement Coordinator—BBA, University of North Alabama

McCallister, Debra, Secretary, Student Affairs (Wallace Campus)— AAS, Wallace Community College

McCarthy, Ashleigh, Financial Aid Assistant—AS, Wallace Community College; BS, Troy University

McKnight, Sheila, Secretary, Associate Dean, Health Sciences— AS, Enterprise Ozark Community College; BS, Troy University

McMeekin, Jessica, Administrative Secretary, Vice President and Dean Institutional Services and Community Development— BS, Eastern New Mexico University

McNabb, Shannon, Secretary, Allied Health—BS, Liberty University

Mears, Renea, Library Assistant (Wallace Campus)—BBA, Evangel College

Miller, Ronald, Maintenance Worker II

Mixson, Hannah, Secretary, Practical Nursing—BS, Troy University

Moore, Kellye, Student Success Advisor—MS, Troy University 

Morelli, Tiffiny, Professional Tutor, Writing Center—BS, Troy University

Morris, Mary Pearl, Advisor, Talent Search—AAS, Wallace Community College; BS, Faulkner University; MS, Faulkner University

Nichols, Dana, Coordinator, Custodial Inventory and Shipping and Receiving—BS, Valdosta State University; MS, Troy University

Oldman, Bobby Dean, Campus Police Officer

Peterson, Lisa, Bookstore Manager (Sparks)—Certificate, AAS, Wallace Community College

Pierce, Catherine, Advisor, Talent Search—AAT, Wallace Community College; BS, Troy University; MBA, Troy University

Porter, Lakilya, Payables Accounting Manager—BS, Troy University

Presley, Annajean, Administrative Secretary, Dean Student Affairs and Sparks Campus—AAT, Wallace Community College; BS, Faulkner University

Reese, Katie, Human Resources Assistant—Certificate, AAS, Wallace Community College

Shelley, Chad, Coordinator of Physical Plant, Sparks Campus— AAS, Wallace Community College

Sketo, Sheryl, Cosmetology Lab Assistant—Cosmetology Certificate, Wallace Community College

Solorio, Fernando Renovation Projects Coordinator and Building Maintenance Technician

Sullivan, Bettina, Secretary, Operational Support Services—AAS, Enterprise State Community College

Thomas, Linda, Dual Enrollment Assistant

Vines, Melony, Duplications Technician—AAS, Wallace Community College

Walker, Greg, HVAC Maintenance Specialist—AS, Enterprise State Junior College; BSEd, Troy State University

Watson, Christopher, Electrical Maintenance Technician

Weston, Wendy, Student Success Advisor (Sparks)— BS, Troy State University

Wicker, Melody, Assistant to the Director, Institutional Effectiveness/Assessment Coordinator—AA, Enterprise State Community College; BS, Huntingdon College; MS Faulkner University

Willette, Betty, Secretary to the Director, Student and Campus Services—AAS, East Central Junior College; BS, Faulkner University; MBA, Faulkner University

Williams, Nakisha, Secretary, Student Affairs—AS, Wallace Community College; BS, MS, Troy University

Young, Denise, Admissions/Records Assistant—AAS, Troy University