Tuition Refunds — Complete Withdrawal

Students who have never attended any class(es) are refunded the total tuition and other refundable fees. Students who officially withdraw and have attended class(es) are refunded tuition and refundable fees calculated from the actual date of withdrawal. Refunds are calculated based on the following schedule:

Complete withdrawal Refund
During first week 70%
During second week 45%
During third week 20%
After end of third week None

Refund check(s) are made payable to the student and either deposited into the student's bank account of record or mailed to the student’s home address as recorded in the registration file. An administrative fee of 5% of tuition and other institutional charges is assessed for each withdrawal within the period beginning the first day of class and ending at the end of the third week of class. Financial Aid students are subject to the Return of Unearned Aid, Responsibility of the Student policy.