Tuition Refunds — Partial Withdrawal

Students who do not completely withdraw from the College but drop a class during the regular drop and add period are refunded the difference in tuition and fees paid and tuition and fees applicable to the reduced number of hours, including fees appropriate to the classes dropped. No refund is due a student who partially withdraws after the official drop and add period.

Students who have not attended class by the fifth class day of a term are removed from that class. Students who have not attended any classes by the fifth class day will have their registrations voided and will not be registered for that term. It is the student’s responsibility to attend class. If an emergency should occur, Wallace Campus students are to contact the Office of the Director of Enrollment Services/Registrar at 334-556-2468, and Sparks Campus students should contact the Student Affairs Office at 334- 687-3543, Ext. 4270, prior to the fifth day of a term.