Undecided Transfer Students

Students entering college without having chosen a major or a transfer institution will have a special need for counselors and advisors at Wallace Community College. These professionals can help students determine their career strengths and interests, select majors, and (if an advanced degree is desired) identify upperdivision institutions for program continuance.

Students with undecided majors are strongly encouraged to talk with a counselor or advisor from the first meeting at orientation and begin to make the right decisions as early in their postsecondary careers as possible. Counselors and advisors will help students select courses that are generally accepted nationwide as part of a core curriculum while they explore career options; however, students will benefit most from time spent at Wallace Community College once they identify a major and, if appropriate, a transfer institution. Counselors and advisors can only assure acceptability of courses for degrees awarded by Wallace Community College. It is the student’s responsibility to check with their transfer institution to ensure applicability of courses toward their planned educational goals; however, if students adhere to the courses outlined in their degree programs that have been approved statewide, transferability to two- and four-year colleges and universities in Alabama is assured.

Wallace Community College is committed to helping students attain their goals in postsecondary education. Students must assist in this effort by choosing a career path on which to build a solid educational program.