WorkKeys® Services

As a Career Solutions Provider, Wallace Community College is pleased to offer WorkKeys job profiling, assessment, and training through its Workforce Development office. WorkKeys® is a national workforce development system developed by ACT®—an international leader in educational assessment for the past 40 years. It is used by employers nationwide to identify the skills employees need to be successful on the job and to determine where additional training can help develop a higher caliber workforce. The WorkKeys® system is designed to measure an individual’s skills and the competency levels required for successful job performance.

ORI 104—WorkKeys® Assessment and Advisement helps students develop better workplace skills by measuring skills that have been proven critical to job success, such as applied technology, graphic literacy, math, observation, and reading comprehension. WorkKeys® assessments help students determine how well-prepared they are for the jobs that interest them. The assessments document student skills in key areas and give the College faculty guidance in providing the education and training students need to improve those skills. By increasing skills in these areas, students also increase their opportunities for employment and for advancement in their chosen fields.

In the geographic region served by Wallace Community College, WorkKeys® is part of a workforce development solution that defines workforce needs and quantifies the skill levels required to meet those needs. To date, more than 110 local jobs have been profiled using the WorkKeys® system. Some companies have incorporated WorkKeys® into their hiring procedures and are advertising their jobs with WorkKeys® skill level requirements listed. Wallace Community College offers this program as part of its commitment to ensuring that students are adequately prepared for higher skill, higher wage jobs. For more information, call 334-556-2414.