Esthetics Technology

Wallace Campus Only

The Esthetics Technology program is designed to provide students with basic knowledge and skills for employment as an esthetician in a salon, spa or as a cosmetic consultant. Students will learn how to provide preventative and maintenance care for the skin and may also manufacture, sell, and apply cosmetics. With specialized training, they may choose to work for a dermatologist and provide various treatments for problematic skin under supervision. Students are required to purchase their own esthetics kit and books.

Students completing all courses listed in the curriculum will be awarded a program certificate and will be eligible to apply for the Alabama State Board Examination if they have a minimum of a 10th grade high school equivalency and be at least sixteen years old. After passing the examination, graduates are awarded a license to practice as an Esthetician in Alabama. Admission is conditional and depends on the student’s ability to perform the essential functions identified for this program. A high school diploma or GED is not required; however, students are required to demonstrate college and career readiness (see Admission to Courses Not Creditable Toward an Associate Degree in the Admissions Policies and Procedures section of this catalog). Reasonable accommodations are considered.


Degrees and Certificates